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Fire Alarm Control Equipment Testing

Pioneering research and globally recognized standards to help ensure fire alarm control technologies are interoperable and perform reliably.

Fire suppression system with aspirating smoke detector


Whether it’s a home, business or place of assembly, fire alarm control technologies are ever-present to alert you in the event of a fire. We have been there every step of the way through our pioneering research, developing globally recognized standards, and evaluating this technology to help ensure it performs, is reliable and interoperable.


Our training, advisory, testing, Verification, inspection and certification services for fire alarm control equipment helps manufacturers get compliant products to the market quickly. Integrators and engineers help manufacturers mitigate their risks and serve their clients, end users and asset owners by helping to ensure that they are providing the appropriate standards of care and safety. Our testing verifies that Regulatory authorities have validated compliance with codes.

Why UL

We have always been integral to enabling fire and life safety technology advancements. Our pioneering safety science research, leadership through codes and standards development, and expertise in technical leadership reaching back to 1894 in this area have undoubtedly helped to save many lives and properties.

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