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INIM secures business with the UL-EU Enhanced Mark

INIM believes that the global reputation of the UL Solutions brand has helped them secure additional orders. In fact, they have had to increase production to keep up with demand for their newly certified products.

INIM’s production facility

The challenge

INIM Electronics is no stranger to high performance. Founded in Italy in 2005, it develops state-of-the-art fire alarm and security products. INIM is Italy’s premier manufacturer for these types of fire and security devices, with all equipment designed and manufactured in country. Thanks to its reputation for high quality and exceptional performance, INIM has expanded into regional markets across Europe. But they wanted to become a worldwide player, so INIM began looking for a way to expand its already rapidly growing customer base.

UL Solutions' response

INIM’s key differentiation is how its research and development deliver cutting edge technology that seamlessly coordinates response. Their fire protection systems, for example, are linked directly with closed-circuit television cameras, so if an alarm is triggered, the person in charge receives an SMS text and link to the camera in the precise location where an emergency might be occurring. INIM had a range of established products for the European market that had originally been certified by Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) to begin expanding their business through Europe and the Middle East. However, they quickly realized that there was a growing demand among potential customers for the UL Mark. INIM sees the UL Mark as a byword for quality and integrity in international markets, and that not having it on their products might mean lost opportunities for the company. 


INIM carefully researched options before choosing UL Solutions as a partner. The data convinced them that adding the UL-EU Mark to their certification portfolio would be a benefit for expanding their global customer base. The UL-EU Mark on INIM’s products demonstrates that UL Solutions has independently certified product samples to the required standard. According to Enea Galiffa, research and development manager for INIM, “The UL Mark delivers confidence to our buyer that a global safety science expert has tested and certified our product.”

UL Solutions worked closely with INIM to evaluate data from their existing testing laboratory. Having reviewed all the data on the products, UL Solutions was able to accept much of it to reduce time and cost of the project. 

While the relationship with UL Solutions is still relatively new, INIM sees UL Solutions' value through quickly produced dividends. The global reputation of the UL Solutions brand has helped them secure additional orders. In fact, they have had to increase production to keep up with demand for their newly certified products. 

INIM is looking to enter new markets and has begun the process to pursue UL  Solutions certification for the North American market, opening the door to sales throughout the Americas. Although it will be several years before they have a complete North American portfolio, INIM will continue to focus on growing their newly expanded markets to help keep people and companies safe and secure, aided by the trust they place in UL Solutions. 

"The UL Mark delivers confidence to our buyer that a global safety science expert has tested and certified our product."

Enea Galiffa, research and development manager for INIM

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INIM secures business with the UL-EU Enhanced Mark

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