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Electric Vehicle Battery Testing and Certification

UL Solutions offers testing and certification services for large batteries used in electric vehicles (EVs) to help enhance safety and performance.

Electric vehicle battery

Electric vehicle (EV) battery and system safety and performance

With continued growth and innovation in the EV sector, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), automotive manufacturers and materials suppliers seek the support of knowledgeable and trusted third-party testing laboratories to help them enhance safety and performance, reduce development cycles and increase speed-to-market.

UL Solutions offers comprehensive testing and certification services for EV battery technologies — including cells, modules, packs, battery management system (BMS) board stages and battery pack systems — to help customers mitigate safety risks, manage quality, improve performance and demonstrate compliance for market access. Our capabilities span electrochemical properties, abuse, environmental, mechanical, and electrical reliability testing and certification.

Comprehensive EV battery and system performance testing and safety certification

Batteries are powering the future of automotive and clean energy technology. However, they introduce significant safety risks and must undergo extensive evaluation.

Enlisting UL Solutions, a global safety science leader, for EV battery and system performance testing and safety certification expertise can help you bring safer products to market efficiently.

As a comprehensive provider, we offer a variety of EV battery tests at our fully-equipped testing laboratories. We leverage our highly specialized equipment and industry expertise to help our customers reduce costs and optimize project efficiency.

Our testing equipment includes:

  • Fully automated test control system
  • Thermal vibration shakers
  • High-tech and robust fire bunkers
  • Fire resistance
  • Nail penetration
  • Crush tester
  • Environmental chambers
  • Abundant cycler channels
  • Thermal shock/immersion (IPX7)/ice water shock test
  • Environmental testing (IPX1 to IPX9K)
  • Vacuum chamber

Our test programs include:

  • Design verification plan and report (DVP&R)
  • Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) test specifications
  • Custom test specifications
  • Thermal vibration
  • Crush
  • Thermal propagation
  • External fire test
  • Damp heat
  • Splash water
  • Salt spray
  • Stone impact
  • High-temperature operation endurance (HTOE) life cycle

Relevant standards

  • UL 2580, The Standard for Batteries for Use in Electric Vehicles
  • UL 1973, the Standard for Batteries for Use in Stationary and Motive Auxiliary Power Applications
  • UL 2271, the Standard for Batteries for Use in Light Electric Vehicle (LEV) Applications
  • GB 38031, National Standard of the People’s Republic of China, Electric Vehicles Traction Battery Safety Requirements
  • IEC 63057, Secondary Cells and Batteries Containing Alkaline or Other Non-acid Electrolytes – Safety Requirements for Secondary Lithium Batteries for Use in Road Vehicles Not for the Propulsion
  • ISO 6469-1:2019, Electrically Propelled Road Vehicles – Safety Specifications – Part 1: Rechargeable Energy Storage System (RESS)
  • Korea Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (KMVSS)
  • SAE J2380, Vibration Testing of Electric Vehicle Batteries
  • SAE J2929, Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Propulsion Battery System Safety Standard – Lithium-based Rechargeable Cells
  • UN 38.3, United Nations (UN) Manual of Tests and Criteria, Lithium Metal and Lithium Ion Batteries
  • UNECE-R 100.02, Rechargeable Energy Storage System (REESS)
  • UNECE-R 136, Rechargeable Energy Storage System (REESS)

Why UL Solutions

EV manufacturers must monitor the landscape carefully to stay informed of technical developments and the changing regulatory environment. We combine extensive safety science and battery experience with deep regulatory compliance expertise to help our customers manage safety and performance risks throughout the product life cycle.


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