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Our Laboratories

Our global network of laboratories can test the safety of everything from medical devices to cell phones to life jackets.

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At UL Solutions, we are experts in safety science. We have been providing repeatable and consistent testing that has kept you and your families confident and secure for over a century. Keep reading to get to know several of our laboratories, testing procedures and how our work impacts your day-to-day.

Keeping hazardous locations safe in Northbrook, IL

Our global network of hazardous locations (HazLoc) technical experts and state-of-the-art facilities helps manufacturers gain the compliance credentials they need to compete in a complex global supply chain. In Northbrook, Illinois, we test machinery and equipment that can be found on oil rigs, grain elevators, sugar refineries, metal processing factories and elsewhere. We run tests on thousands of products, from walkie-talkies to explosion-proof lighting to 6,000 lb. motors. “We test to see if things blow up at work every day,” says Laboratory Operations Director Joseph Treadway. Our Northbrook laboratory is highly specialized for testing the unique equipment found in hazardous locations.

Testing appliances, HVAC and lighting in Carugate, Italy

At this laboratory, our experts offer certification, verification and performance testing for products like lightbulbs, dishwashers, toasters and air conditioning equipment. During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, we were given special permission from the Italian government to continue operations, expanding our capabilities to include testing UVC lighting and its capability to disinfect surfaces. Recently, this facility has taken on a large-scale project focused on transitioning streetlights in cities from traditional incandescent lighting to LED lighting. This project involves tests like measuring light intensity between streetlights to determine if the appropriate brightness of the environment is maintained for pedestrians and to eliminate blind spots and dark corners for improved visibility and safety.

Setting the standard for testing in Querétaro, Mexico

Our laboratory in Querétaro, Mexico, opened in 2021, becoming one of the first multi-national testing and engineering laboratories in the country. This facility focuses on the testing and performance of engineered materials, wire and cable, appliances, lighting, refrigeration and consumer technologies. Each area of the lab has its own unique specialty. For example, the wire and cable laboratory has been equipped for mechanical, physical and electrical tests to determine the safety and performance of these essential products. We test these items for their ability to operate while submerged in liquid or while subjected to extreme heat and cold—we even have tests that simulate five years of exposure to sunlight.

Battery testing and inspection in Changzhou, China

At our Changzhou location, we not perform certification for batteries but also contribute to the development and international harmonization of industry safety and performance standards. As a Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association (CTIA) Authorized Test Laboratory, we can test and certify cell phone rechargeable battery products and systems to the CTIA Battery Certification Program. Our work in this laboratory also extends to batteries for electric vehicles ranging from typical performance tests to specialized tests for fire resistance and containment.

Enhancing building performance in Northbrook, IL

Our built environment test lab is located at our headquarters. Tests can vary from the daily measuring of fire resistance for paneled ceilings to the flammability of materials, to brand new initiatives like automated storage systems. In environments where artificial intelligence plays a major part, safety still plays an important role. This is where our laboratory comes in—our experts are trained for these highly specialized environments and work on maintaining active fire suppression efforts and implementing preventative measurements for facility safety.


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