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Introduction to Electrical Insulation Systems

Deepen your knowledge of certification standards and evaluation of electrical insulation systems (EISs) for safety and performance through the first session of UL Solution’s complimentary three-session on-demand webinar series.

Various insulation materials that are used in electrical systems.

Watch now: Introduction to electrical insulation systems

Learn more about electrical insulation systems (EISs) that contain electrical insulating materials (EIMs) and the associated conducting parts employed in an electrotechnical device. High quality EIMs can help prevent the risk of electric shock and dielectric breakdown. For example, the combination of a magnet wire, ground and interwinding insulation, and impregnating resin in a transformer makes up an EIS.

Webinar date 

Oct 2, 2018


UL 1446, the Standard for Systems of Insulating Materials - General, provides guidance on testing EISs and making materials substitutions within them. Customers can access the UL iQTM database to learn about EISs already evaluated to UL 1446.

In this webinar, you will learn about:
  • EIS definitions and thermal classes.
  • History of insulation systems.
  • UL 1446.
  • UL Product iQ® database.
  • System adoption.


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