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Selecting the Right Certification Option for EIS

Watch UL’s complimentary three-session webinar series to explore EIS safety and performance certification standards and evaluation options when facing materials shortages.

A laboratory worker holding an electrical insulation system with gloved hands

Watch Now: Balancing Flexibility and Cost for Your Electrical Insulation Systems

The first webinar in this series, Selecting the Right Certification Option: Balancing Flexibility and Cost For Your EIS, provides information about certification options and support services to help you select the best materials for your needs.

Speaker: Rita Chiodini, staff engineer, UL

Moderator: Hagen Fasel, product manager, UL


An electrical insulation system (EIS) comprises a specific combination of materials verified for chemical compatibility when used at certain maximum temperatures. These combinations form systems such as those used in motors, transformers and solenoids. If you work in the electrical insulation systems industry, testing and certification can help you verify that individual insulation materials can perform safely in shared environments in complex electrical systems.

To create reliable, high-performance EISs, manufacturers must use quality electrical insulation materials (EIMs) and EISs and thoroughly review them when building magnetic devices such as motors, transformers, generators and solenoids. Today’s material shortages require manufacturers’ flexibility in their use of materials. Watch UL’s complimentary three-session webinar series to deepen your understanding of certification standards and evaluation of EIS safety and performance so you can explore your options when you face materials shortages.

Topics include:
  • EIS adoption
  • Substitution or modification of an EIS
  • Short-term test
  • Chemical compatibility test (CCT)
  • Thermal aging
  • Comparing the different certification paths


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