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How Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) contribute to LEED

Join UL experts to gain insight into UL’s Environmental Product Declarations.

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Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) are internationally recognized transparency reports detailing how a product impacts the environment throughout its life cycle. This seminar will help you understand the application and value of EPD in green buildings, and guide participants to think about the information during the entire life cycle of a products acquisition, production, transportation, consumption, and final disposal. 

An EPD discloses aspects of the product's environmental impact and is widely used in the green building and construction materials industry. Some local and international regulations also use EPDs as a market entry threshold for products, such as the LEED green building assessment system in the United States, China's green building material inspection standards and California’s Buy Clean California Act. For those who want to earn LEED material credits, selecting materials with EPDs is an easy way to understand the environmental impact of product selections. 

This webinar is aimed at building material manufacturers, real estate developers, architects, and green construction consulting agencies. It will help everyone to understand how to stay at the forefront of the green product market wave and understand the application and value of environmental product declarations (EPD) in green buildings. 

How Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) contribute to LEED


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