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Developing Personalized Compliance Training

Develop online compliance training with consistent, high quality instruction in less time than it would take to deliver in a classroom setting.

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For organizations that require less common training topics, custom e-learning development can be crucial. For compliance and risk initiatives, a well-designed and engaging course can make a noticeable difference in employee learning.

A large medical device manufacturing company recognized a need to improve regulatory compliance training within their organization and turned to UL Solutions to improve their training program.

This company, a U.S.-based medical device manufacturer, required content that specifically matched their needs and desired interactive training. Modular content was needed to boost engagement and meet compliance requirements. Additionally, with more than 1,300 employees, tracking and managing training and compliance needed to be easy. 

They purchased UL ComplianceWire® learning management system (LMS) to track their regulatory training, UL Solutions’ life sciences e-learning content, and UL Create™ self-authoring course tool to customize content that became a game-changer for the organization. 

Before purchasing, the organization relied on training that was mostly read-and-sign documents, which didn’t provide for an engaging learning experience. By adopting Create into their training program, they were able to take our life sciences e-learning content and add their own branding. Create allowed them to customize and then easily publish the edited course into ComplianceWire® for distribution.

The authoring tool allowed them to further adjust their training program by enabling them to turn existing PowerPoint training into e-learning. The ease of use of Create allowed compliance and regional teams to adjust content efficiently. Employees are now able to collaborate easily, saving significant time as they coordinate edits in real-time. 

Additionally, the company’s first Create project was met with positive reactions from employees. The company was able to work on a company-specific version of a UL Solutions off-the-shelf healthcare and life sciences e-learning course and add custom branding and company-specific regulatory requirements. After its success, they offered the course to their parent company in North America with more than 6,000 employees. 

Download the case study to learn more about UL Create and how it revitalized the training program of a large medical device manufacturing company.

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Developing Personalized Compliance Training with UL Create

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