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ComplianceWire® Triumphs at Brandon Hall Technology Excellence Awards

ComplianceWire® clinches Gold and Bronze at the renowned Brandon Hall Technology Awards.

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December 14, 2023

On Dec. 7, 2023, the Brandon Hall Group announced that ComplianceWire® from UL Solutions won two Technology Excellence awards. The first was a Gold Award for Best Advance in Content Authoring Technology for the use of UL Create™ Tool, an easy-to-use, cloud-based authoring tool. This achievement was made possible through a collaborative effort with Sai Life Sciences Ltd. Sai Life Sciences is one of India’s fastest growing Contract Research, Development & Manufacturing Organizations. Contract manufacturers often choose ComplianceWire® as part of their Quality IT infrastructure.

This project utilized the UL Create solution to author adaptive learning content incorporating a combination of text, image, voice-over, technical videos, animated audio-visuals, etc., developed through the advanced e-publishing and e-authoring tool, UL Create. Moving away from traditional read-and-sign training greatly improved the effectiveness of Sai's ComplianceWire® platform, locally renamed Sai Gurukul (gurukul is Sanskrit for School).The second award was a Bronze Award for Best Advance in Learning Management Technology for Compliance Training and highlighted ComplianceWire® and its Forms and Smart Forms tools for capturing offline training events. The type of skills needed for today's life science workers who are using complex biological processes to develop new medicines requires an equally advanced flexible tool for capturing on-the-job training events, allowing for multiple levels of approval. Life Science workers must be qualified before working with medicines that are used by patients, and the ComplianceWire® Forms tool allows Life Science organizations to structure that training and verification in very flexible ways.

The UL Solutions ComplianceWire® division is honored to receive the Gold Award for Best Advance in Content Authoring Technology.  With the addition of the ComplianceWire Create authoring suite, we can help the industry generate more effective and engaging learning experiences.  We are also very excited about our Bronze Award for the ComplianceWire Forms tool, which gives Life Science companies the ability to reduce risk and ensure their associates are qualified to perform their duties in accordance with the spirit and the letter of Life Science regulatory requirements.
  • Colleen LoConte, General Manager
  • ComplianceWire

The Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards, commonly known as the Brandon Hall Awards, is an annual program that recognizes outstanding achievements in the field of learning, development, talent management, leadership, and human resources. The awards are named after Brandon Hall Group, a research and analyst firm that specializes in providing insights and solutions for organizations in the areas of learning and development.

Participation in programs like the Brandon Hall Awards is a way to highlight the constant focus on new and innovative uses of technology to improve the safety and efficacy of medications and medical devices, which must be produced by qualified personnel.


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