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WireTalk, 2020, September

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April 21, 2021

In order to keep pace with the rapidly evolving industry, our Wire and Cable division has realigned its focus to meet the needs of customers and key stakeholders. The Wire and Cable division continues to update and develop programs to help our customers be successful in the marketplace. We are relaunching WireTalk to engage and inform the industry at all levels. Our goal, as always, is to better help your business meet the challenges of a changing world.

Featured articles

  • UL Launches New Testing and Certification Program for Photovoltaic Cables
  • Accelerated Market Readiness for Cables Using EVA Materials
  • UL Verify Mark Helps Brands Deliver Trust to Those Looking to Make Tough Buying Decisions

Also in this issue

  • UL announces new Wire and Cable virtual classroom training in October
  • Reminder to our customers for cord set and power supply cord products
  • UL Follow-up Services  — termination list update
  • Premium features from Product iQ®
  • How machine safety assessments can help minimize risk

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WireTalk - Sept 20

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