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UL’s Verified Mark Will Set Your Product Apart

UL Verified Mark

January 30, 2020

Differentiating your Medical Device

You have designed and manufactured your latest healthcare or medical device. UL has confirmed your new product will perform as intended and is compliant with all applicable standards. With your product ready to launch, and marketing having done their part through taglines, packaging and marketable claims, what now? How can you differentiate your product from the rest of the products on the market?

Small handheld equipment customers often make market-driven claims such as resistance to increased drop heights to compete in a highly competitive niche field. Such claims may fall outside the scope of mandatory requirements but may be featured to differentiate products by going above and beyond the industry standard. The UL Verified Mark itself is a marketing tool that could make your packaging stand out.

Trust, confidence and brand value

We will confirm the accuracy of marketing claims. Once your marketing claims have been verified, your product will bear the UL Verified Mark, immediately distinguishing your product from the pack.

Upon seeing the UL Verified Mark associated with your product, any purchaser or user will know the medical device has undergone additional testing and scrutiny in order to obtain the UL Mark. Simultaneously, the UL Mark offers user trust, purchasing confidence and high brand value.

For more information on the UL Verified Mark and how you can get your healthcare products or medical device marketing claims verified, visit our page.