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UL & SPE to bring AM training to SPE membership


January 23, 2016

The Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE), the world’s largest plastics professional society, and UL, a global safety science company, will offer UL’s additive manufacturing (AM) training program to SPE members.

Beginning in February 2016, SPE members will receive discounts on UL’s AM training program and related content, and UL will sponsor new SPE members interested in such training by paying their SPE dues.

The relationship will benefit both SPE members and the plastics industry as a whole, according to Russell Broome, managing director of SPE.  “Working with UL is an exciting opportunity for SPE, enabling us to provide greater access to AM industry knowledge for more than 18,000 SPE members across 84 countries,” said Mr. Broome. “Our members have made it clear that they seek to keep pace with the rapid AM industry growth and if possible be on the leading edge.”

Simin Zhou, vice president of UL’s Digital Manufacturing Technologies division, cited a great need for AM training across many industries. “UL looks forward to working with SPE to help close the knowledge gap in the plastics industry,” Ms. Zhou said. “The proper understanding of AM technologies and related quality and safety considerations is critical for industry growth.”

SPE and UL will cross-promote the offering throughout the balance of 2016 at conferences and through digital and social media. For detailed information on UL AM training discounts for SPE members and special offers for new members, please visit