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UL Issues the First Marketing Claim Verification for Building Plumbing Products

Water Bubbles

October 12, 2018

With water scarcity becoming a growing concern in many regions, manufacturers are making products that claim to reduce water usage and save both businesses and consumers money on their water bills.

While certification programs and standards, such as WaterSense, can evaluate the reduction claims of some types of products, there are other product types that do not have a traditional means to prove their performance through certification. These products are often new or innovative.

With this in mind, EcoSense Solutions came to UL to request an independent, third-party verification of their AquaMizer toilet flush reduction mechanism and related toilet flush valve. EcoSense Solutions is a nationwide provider that focuses on water conservation and flood prevention through the installation of high-efficiency plumbing fixtures that result in exceptional water and money savings.

UL reviewed product drawings and videos and worked with EcoSense Solutions to develop marketing claim language and a test program to validate the accuracy of their claims by testing representative samples. UL verified the following marketing claims:

Toilet Flush Valve

Limits flooding to one tank volume plus 0 to 2.6 gallons”

Toilet Flush Reduction Mechanism

Reduces Flush Volume Up to 52%”

The UL Verified Mark indicates that UL used an independent, repeatable, science-based assessment to verify these specific marketing claims for EcoSense Solutions. UL Verification provides objective credibility to the accuracy of the marketing claims that  companies use to differentiate their products or processes from the competition and eases purchasing decision-making for consumers and buyers.

“This is the first time UL has issued a marketing claim verification to a company producing building plumbing products.  The UL Verified Mark provides confidence and peace of mind to buyers that EcoSense Solutions’ AquaMizer Toilet Flush Reduction Mechanism and Toilet Flush Valve are capable of reducing water usage and limiting flooding,” said Amanda Fisher, business development manager for UL’s Water Systems program.

“EcoSense Solutions strives to stand out from its competition by placing an emphasis on transparency and credibility.  We value our customers too much not to take the extra steps of having a well-respected third-party entity, such as UL, test and evaluate our product to certify that it performs as advertised” says Joseph Benson, EcoSense Solutions’ VP of Business Development.

About the UL Verified Mark
The UL Verified Mark is issued once a marketing claim is Verified by UL in an objective and science-based manner. The Verified Mark can be used on product, packaging and promotion and is available for products, systems, processes, facilities and more with Verified marketing claims. Specific information about each Verified marketing claim is publicly available at UL’s online database, UL Verify, at The Verified Mark has been issued to products such as TVs, monitors, notebook computers, LED lighting equipment and many others. For further information, please see visit or contact us at [email protected]

UL Verification MarkUL Verification Mark