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UL Issues First 'Halogen Free' Wire and Cable Compound Certification to Saco Polymers Inc.

July 31, 2015

NORTHBROOK, Ill., July 31, 2015 – UL Wire & Cable, a division of UL (Underwriters Laboratories), today announces that it has issued its first Halogen Free (HF) certification to Saco Polymers Inc., a supplier of compound materials to the wire & cable industry. These polymeric materials, which may be used in insulations and overall jackets of cables, are evaluated as halogen-free materials under fire conditions.

Halogenated compounds are extensively used in the wire and cable industry to produce specific performance properties required by wire and cable products.  For some applications however, there is a concern that halogenated materials will release corrosive and toxic gases if ignited in a fire. The corrosive element of these gases has the potential to damage electronics wherever the smoke travels, which creates additional safety concerns.

Saco Polymers Inc. is the first company to have their products voluntarily certified by UL as halogen-free, under UL’s Recognized Component Program, in accordance with the IEC 62821 series of standards (Part 1: General Requirement & Part 2: Test Methods).  Materials, which have been acceptably evaluated to the above standards, would be authorized to bear the Halogen Free or “HF” designation on the product packaging.

“For many years, the marketplace has been searching for a non-halogen solution to replace traditional wire and cable compounds and additives such as PVC and brominated flame retardants,” says Luca Saggese, vice president of sales and marketing of Saco Polymers. “Conversion to alternate products has been slow due in part to the lack of a clear specification. Now OEMs, end users and designers can use the requirements established by UL to specify products that meet the criteria of halogen free.”

“Our Recognized Component program enables manufacturers, designers and other key stakeholders to substantiate their safety claims with UL’s trusted third-party certification," said Steven Galan, director – Wire & Cable of UL. “This not only helps manufacturers, designers, and key stakeholders differentiate their product from other competitors, but also it increase confidence and peace of mind of end users, installers and brand owners on the product’s quality.”

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