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UL Helps to Support the Commercialization of Multi-Gigabit Wireless Products

July 19, 2012

Fremont, Calif., July 16, 2012 - UL (Underwriters Laboratories), a world leader in advancing safety science, has successfully hosted the second Wireless Gigabit Alliance (WiGig) Plugfest. The four-day event, held at UL's Fremont facility, allowed WiGig members to test multi-gigabit wireless technology in real world conditions to take the technology a step closer to being market ready.

The Plugfest, which has been organized in collaboration with UL, is important in addressing an increasing consumer demand for high-speed wireless communication in the home, enterprise and mobile markets. With members testing their WiGig-based products to ensure interoperability within the ecosystem, the Plugfest will help to provide end users with a guarantee of highly reliable solutions at product launch next year.   

"We are delighted to have hosted this event, to be able to work with WiGig members in bringing the next, mind blowing and potentially game changing technology to the market," said Mike Kuo, general manager for UL's Verification Services business.

 "As a company, UL continues to build upon our many years of experience in the wireless arena with testing and certification capabilities now covering cellular (including LTE), Bluetooth, radio performance and many more," Kuo added. "We see being involved in events such as this is critical in helping to develop a wireless ecosystem that will support interoperability of devices"

With the basis for future interoperability of different products being established at the Plugfest, the transition of ultra-fast 60Ghz WiGig networking into actual products can occur. The first products expected to implement the technology are expected to be PCs and peripherals, with launch next year, meaning the WiGig vision of providing unprecedented user experience could become reality.