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UL-Conal Receives Authorization to Assist Companies in the Exportation of Goods

July 16, 2013

UL-Conal has obtained the following authorizations and acknowledgments, to assist our clients in the exportation of their products.

  • Registration in the list of the "Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry" of laboratories authorized to issue certificates of analysis in the oil sector. The authorization, which was published in the Official Gazette of the Italian Republic on June 10, 2013, allows UL-Conal to issue certificates of analysis for the export of olive oil to several countries including Russia, India, Brazil, and China.
  • Registration in the list of the "Ministry of Health" of laboratories authorized to issue certificates of analysis of food and materials in contact with food intended for export to Japan. The Japanese regulatory requirement, highly restrictive in matters of food safety, requires that the import goods are accompanied by certificates evidencing the execution of preventive analysis by laboratories approved by theMinistry of Health, Labor and Welfare (MHLW), accredited and recognized by authorities of the exporting country (Ministry of Health), certifying their compliance with physical, chemical, and microbiological national legislation.
  • Inclusion in the list of analytical laboratories recommended by Italian Celiac Association (AIC), the A.I.C. recognition for the analysis of quantification of gluten in food matrices by R5 Elisa method, including foods that have undergone transformations at high temperatures.​

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