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UL Certifies First Hoverboard to UL 2272 Standard

May 11, 2016

Ninebot achieves new safety certification for electrical system in self-balancing scooter

NORTHBROOK,Ill., May 10, 2016UL,a global safety science organization, today announced that it has issued the first safety certification to the UL 2272 safety requirements for electrical systems of self-balancing scooters (aka hoverboards) that was launched in February 2016.  After completing a construction evaluation, safety testing, and complying with UL 2272’s marking, labeling, and user instruction requirements, the hoverboard model N3M320 manufactured by Ninebot (parent company of Segway) has been found to meet all the requirements. UL reminds consumers that the UL 2272 certification does not address riding safety and that proper safety precautions should be taken when using self-balancing scooters.

Today, an official certificate of compliance will be presented to Ninebot along with holographic product labels featuring the UL Enhanced Mark at an event held at UL China. To identify hoverboard models that have been UL certified in the marketplace, consumers should look for the UL holographic label and Enhanced Mark on the product.  This makes it easy for consumers to identify genuine products that have achieved UL certification.

“We’re very pleased to make this announcement today because it means that consumers can purchase with more peace of mind, knowing that the electrical system has been safety-certified to electrical and fire safety requirements,” said Jeff Smidt, Vice President and General Manager of UL’s Energy and Power Technologies division.  “Additionally, retailers can source UL certified hoverboards with confidence in their safety certification as well as build UL 2272 compliance into their procurement policies.”

“It’s a great honor for Ninebot to obtain the UL 2272 safety certification for hoverboard model N3M320 indicating it has been certified to meet UL’s safety requirements. Ninebot has been putting product quality and safety first since its founding. The certification Ninebot has received from UL will help provide electrical safety assurance to consumers.  They can purchase hoverboards in a safe market environment, and more people can enjoy the pleasure and fun that hoverboards bring to life,” states Ms. Zhao Zhongwei, COO of Ninebot.

Obtaining UL certification to UL 2272 complies with the details outlined in the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) letter to manufacturers, importers and retailers issued on February 18, 2016.  This letter urged them to make certain that the self-balancing scooters they import, manufacture, distribute or sell in the United States comply with currently applicable voluntary safety standards, including all referenced standards and requirements contained in UL 2272.

All UL certified self-balancing scooter models can be found in UL’s certification database by visiting and then entering a manufacturer’s name.  They fall under the UL Category Code “FKIS”.  The list of certified products will continually be updated as more product manufacturers are certified to UL 2272.

To learn more about UL’s safety testing and certification of hoverboards, please visit To inquire about UL testing for UL 2272 certification, please contact [email protected].  Retailers with safety procurement questions can contact [email protected].