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UL Brings Vast Expertise in the Creation of the First PCR for the Tire Industry

January 11, 2018

Product Category Rules (PCRs) minimize market confusion by streamlining the procedures by which products are evaluated for their environmental impacts, ensuring globally consistent data collection, analysis, and consistent reporting in Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs). And now, the tire industry has taken the lead by engaging UL to develop and publish the first PCR for that industry.

The Tire Industry Project (TIP) consists of 11 global tire companies representing approximately 65 percent of the world's tire manufacturing capacity. TIP turned to UL to develop a PCR that is valid for tires used in nine different applications, including passenger vehicles, trucks and aircraft.

The PCR was reviewed by an extensive list of experts and piloted with the industry prior to publication by Quantis, an organization comprised of scientists, strategists and sustainability experts. The development of the PCR demonstrates the tire industry’s commitment to the research and science of the sustainability of their products. The PCR can be found on UL’s Standards Site.

UL has created PCR for many industries, including thermal insulation, hand dryers, and adhesives. To learn how they’re developed, see a complete list of UL PCRs, and request additional information, click here.