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UL AQS Achieves Accreditation for Indoor Air Quality Emissions Testing to the Newest Blue Angel Standard for Electronic Imaging Devices

September 20, 2012


UL AQS is the only U.S. commercial laboratory approved to test to new standard, RAL-UZ-171


Atlanta – September 20, 2012. ― UL Air Quality Sciences, Inc. (UL AQS), a pioneer and provider of product emissions testing, announced today that it has earned approval as the only U.S. commercial laboratory to provide laboratory testing for the Blue Angel Program’s newest standard for printers, copiers and multifunctional peripherals, RAL-UZ-171. Recently updated, the new 171 standard calls for more stringent reporting of individual VOCs as well as evaluation of ultrafine particle emissions from these electronics during operation.



Ultrafine particles are tiny particles, down to 5 nanometers in size, which are known to negatively impact cardio-pulmonary health and can also trigger asthma attacks. Tiny in size, these particles can easily pass through protective clothing and skin, posing particularly disturbing contamination risks. RAL-UZ-171 is the first product standard to include a criteria for ultrafine particles. More information about ultrafine particles is available in the UL AQS white paper, Ultrafine Particles: Why All the Concern About Something So Small?



“Blue Angel does an outstanding job of incorporating the latest, most stringent emissions criteria into their requirements. Minimizing exposure to ultrafine particles is critical to ensuring that products support safe and healthy indoor environments. UL AQS is proud to have the precision technology and deep industry expertise to be able to test for, detect and then assist manufacturers in taking steps to ensure their products emit minimal contaminants. We are pleased to collaborate with Blue Angel to advance indoor air quality,” said Dr. Marilyn Black, President of UL AQS.



Manufacturers of printers, copiers, and multi-functional machines can now have comprehensive testing conducted in the U.S. by UL AQS. A provider of product emissions testing for more than 25 years, UL AQS participated in a rigorous quality evaluation and proficiency test to earn approval to test to Blue Angel’s newest electronic equipment standard. UL AQS is also accredited to test for the full range of Blue Angel product standards covering construction materials and furnishings and is also an approved laboratory for the regulated German DIBT program. For more information about product emissions testing, the Blue Angel program, or indoor air quality, visit






About UL Air Quality Sciences (UL AQS)



UL Air Quality Sciences, Inc. (AQS), part of UL Environment, is an ISO 17025 accredited indoor air quality testing and research laboratory. With the largest environmental chamber facility in North America, UL AQS conducts innovative product development testing for product manufacturers and provides certification services for third party programs including GREENGUARD, Green Label Plus , Green Seal, EcoLogo, CHPS, UL Environment, Blue Angel, and USGBC, in testing products for their pollutant emissions. UL AQS has tested over 70,000 products and has over 100 environmental chambers established for low level chemical emission and human exposure studies. For more information, visit