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UL and OCS Group Provide HazLoc Training


February 22, 2018

Tap into  trusted HazLoc technical knowledge and expertise

The need for operational excellence and safety in oil and gas has never been greater. Achieving higher levels of safety and performance while simultaneously reducing resources can be challenging and is the reason for an expanding knowledge gap. To help with this, UL and OCS Group are collaborating to provide solutions for certification and hazardous location training in regulatory requirements. Our technical training is provided worldwide as public or private workshops in customer facilities, public venues or at one of our local offices.

Whether personnel are new to the industry or have a seasoned level of experience, we have a broad range of technical experts to help with all training needs. UL and OCS are the center of technical excellence and provide highly rated training tailored to the needs of hazardous locations stakeholders.Our technical training is a resource to help customers design compliant products and services without the need for extensive re-work. In addition, UL and OCS can help provide fundamental education and installation training to help ensure an accurate understanding of global HazLoc certifications and services.

As a key thought leader in the hazardous locations industry, UL provides global leadership in the codes and standards development community. We leverage the extensive expertise and real-world experience of our hazardous locations engineers to help support the technical design of your equipment and services. The result is best-in-class design reviews, technical education and hazardous location training, and consultancy.

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