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UL and FJSEI set a new Benchmark for the Specialized Robots Industry

Collaboration helps to fill the gaps.

Representatives from UL and FJSEI signing memorandum of understanding

June 17, 2019

In recent years, the robot industry has developed rapidly, and at present, China's robot market has entered a period of significant growth. Specifically, the applications of specialized robots in China are expanding, and the localization of core components is following suit. It is estimated that by 2020, the global specialized robot market will reach US$4.95 billion, and China's market is expected to reach US$1.07 billion.

Specialized robots are professional service robots and are different from industrial robots and home service robots. As an intelligent robot that replaces people in dangerous environments in non-manufacturing fields, specialized robots have a broad range of applications including response to earthquakes, floods, extreme weather, fire, security and other public safety incidents. Utilizing innovative technology in new applications can present safety challenges such as a lack of consistency in technical standards and incomplete inspection projects which present a safety hazard for the production and usage of specialized robots.

To help improve safety, UL and the Fujian Special Equipment Inspection and Research Institute (FJSEI) held a grand ceremony in Quanzhou where both parties signed a memorandum of understanding on cooperation. FJSEI is the host of the secretariat for the working group for National Specialized Robots Standards-Setting (SAC/SWG13), as well as the construction group for the National Specialized Robots Test and Inspection Center. They have been committed to robot technology and standardization research for many years. FJSEI's core responsibilities include revising national standards for specialized robots, testing and certifying specialized robots, theoretical and practical training and assessment for specialized robots, and harmonizing domestic and international standards for specialized robots.

Both parties will jointly undertake relevant inspection projects and carry out robot operation training. This marks a collaboration between UL and FJSEI, who together will fill the gaps existing in specialized robot industry standards, so as to promote standardization and sustainable development for the industry.

The ceremony was attended by Luojiang District Leader Xie Weidong, deputy director of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Jiangjing, FJSEI Leader Zeng Qinda, as well as Jeffrey Smidt, UL vice president and general manager, Energy and Power Technologies Division.

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