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UL AM Metal Validation Program launches with voestalpine BÖHLER Edelstahl GmbH & Co KG

June 14, 2018

UL’s Metal AM Validation Program offered in collaboration with the Advanced Remanufacturing Technology Center (ARTC) is kicking off its first project with voestalpine BÖHLER Edelstahl GmbH & Co KG, one of the leading suppliers of metal powder for the Additive Manufacturing (AM) market. The announcement was made during the bi-annual technical meeting held at ARTC for its consortium members attended by delegates from major local and international manufacturing companies. The validated material will be certified against UL’s certification scheme for AM materials and process performance.

“The details of the metal validation program were shared among the consortium members during the event and the response was overwhelming,” said Dr. Khalid Rafi, UL AM Lead Development Engineer and Metallurgist. “The members expressed their interests to embark on the program as they see benefits in ensuring quality and safety to their product offering, and gaining a competitive advantage in the fast growing AM materials market,” said Dr. Rafi. “We are committed to delivering the highest quality metal powders for the AM industry. A third party endorsement from a global certification company like UL will further strengthen our commitment to excellent quality,” said Klaus Sammt, VP of Technology and R&D at voestalpine Bohler Edelstahl.

The joint program with UL, an international leader in safety science, and ARTC, a center of excellence in AM with capabilities for testing and fabrication, brings more value and credibility to the market for all the relevant stakeholders. “As AM becomes an acceptable manufacturing method in different industries for niche applications and more and more companies are entering the AM space, a third party assurance for the quality and reliability of the material and process in AM will certainly help the AM industry for its sustainable growth,” notes Dr. Gary Ng, AM Group Manager at ARTC.

The metal validation program can bridge the gap between innovation and commercialization of materials for AM. With certified materials the material manufacturer can position themselves in the market with an advantage of demonstrating the quality of their material with third party assurance. This will ensure material performance and enhance the market acceptance.