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UL Advisory Services Can Help Manufacturers Get to Market Faster

Learn how UL technical advisers helped an industrial electrical technology manufacturer navigate the complex global regulatory landscape by providing conformity assessment support.

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January 29, 2021

To compete in today’s modern world, manufacturers can gain a true competitive advantage by engaging with a conformity assessment body early to identify financial rewards in many aspects of compliance projects, or even projects not aiming for final certification. This will allow manufacturers to create a risk mitigation plan in place to know most of the risks at the beginning – for faster time to market.

Phoenix Contact Development and Manufacturing, Inc., an industrial electrical technology manufacturer, tapped into UL’s technical advisers to better understand UL 508, the Standard for Industrial Control Equipment, and UL 2237, the Standard for Multi-Point Interconnection Power Cable Assemblies for Industrial Machinery. A more comprehensive understanding of these Standards would allow their team to be better prepared to tackle their product development challenges. Our industry-leading experts quickly prepared the tools and platform to deliver a detailed presentation that allowed Phoenix Contact to achieve their goal within their project timeline.

Brian Hess, group leader and product manager - industrial field connection for Phoenix Contact Development and Manufacturing, Inc. said, “The subject matter experts at UL were very informative, professional, offered continuous support and technical feedback even after the training. We look forward to the continued partnership on future projects.”  

UL’s team of industry experts will work closely with your engineering, project management, compliance and quality teams — from C-suite to shop floor — to help maximize your market opportunities. We can address diverse topics, including a full gap analysis program to help ensure the validity of all the product features relating to industry required standards and certifications – with voluntary, regulatory or end user requirements.

A dedicated technical adviser will work with you through a customized bank of hours that you control. Advisory services include:

  • Conducting a preliminary investigation
  • Clarifying certification, regulatory and standard (technical) requirements
  • Referencing the need to comply with a standard or similar
  • Conducting testing (including validation or performance testing) and reporting results Confirming compliance with the standard
  • Explaining findings
  • Discussions of product concepts and how the standard applies
  • Discussion of new product concepts in order to consider developing new certification requirements
  • Evaluation of installation instructions and user manuals
  • Participating in design reviews with comments limited to compliance with applicable certification requirements
  • Global Market Access opportunities
  • Custom services are also available

We will customize your deliverable based on your scope selection. Examples include on-site meetings, virtual or email Q&A, formal report of findings, documented redlines and presentations.

Early engagement of the conformity assessment body can help reduce cost in many aspects of compliance projects, or even projects not heading for final certification, which may help save you time and frustration. Advisory Services from a trusted expert with extensive knowledge may help you navigate and understand the complex world of conformity assessment and the associated requirements.

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Advisory Services Can Help Speed Time to Market

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