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UL Acquires Safeware Quasar

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September 6, 2016

UL acquires Safeware Quasar

In September 2016, UL celebrated the successful acquisition of UK based Safeware Quasar. The acquisition was another crucial step in assembling some of the world’s most innovative and successful companies that would go on to consolidate and form UL’s Product Supply Chain Intelligence.

What were the industry challenges?

Manufacturers, distributors, importers and retailers of products containing chemicals are increasingly under pressure from clients and other industry stakeholders to deliver accurate compliance with the international Globally Harmonized System (GHS) standard compliant regulations. Understanding global legislation and implementing effective systems to ensure hazards are accurately classified and communicated according to GHS standards enable businesses to successfully:

  • Place products on the market;
  • Protect the brand; and
  • Establish preferred supplier status

In a world of constant regulatory change, achieving and maintaining meticulous global compliance in accordance with GHS standard chemical regulations – like CLP, REACH, HAZCOM, TSCA – is complex and time consuming. Teams involved in the management of regulatory affairs, product compliance, EHS, risk assessments and product stewardship are often overwhelmed.

How did Safeware Quasar help?

For over 30 years, Safeware Quasar supported chemical companies to confidently identify and interpret the impact of relevant chemical hazard communication legislation on internal and supply chain processes. The Safeware Quasar team helped organisations to develop robust strategies and systems for accurate GHS compliance with advanced, user-friendly software platforms like GHS Professional, SDS SmartShare, My-SDS and ES-Pro in addition to providing specialist chemical regulatory consultancy services.

While the preparation of safety data sheets (MSDSs / SDSs) and creating chemical hazard labels was at the core of the business, hundreds of companies relied on Safeware Quasar to compliance with broader global chemical safety requirements. Regardless of a company’s size or location, Safeware Quasar had a chemical hazard communication compliance solution to meet any needs, from education and training, to comprehensive regulatory services and everything in between.

Safeware Quasar provided effective software tools and regulatory services for:

  1. Chemical classification
  2. Global safety data sheet (MSDS / SDS) authoring
  3. Chemical hazard label compliance and design
  4. Safety data sheet (SDS) provision / distribution
  5. Chemical regulatory data management
  6. Technically translated safety data sheets (SDSs) and chemical hazard labels
  7. Safety data sheet (SDS) archiving
  8. The transport of Dangerous Goods
  9. The compilation of expansive regulatory phrase libraries
  10. Chemical regulatory training

The future

Safeware Quasar had a long history and excellent reputation – particularly in the UK and surrounding countries – for helping companies to manage chemical regulatory compliance with confidence and efficiency. The addition of the Safeware Quasar team and business leveraged local knowledge and experience and was the perfect fit to hep contribute to UL’s Product Supply Chain Intelligence division achieving the broader goal of enabling customers to effectively manage their complex global supply chains, and make smarter decisions.