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UK Updates Consumer Rights Act of 2015

May 20, 2015

The government of United Kingdom has updated the country’s Consumer Rights Act. The new Consumer Rights Act 2015 has received a Royal Assent on March 26, 2015.

The new Act specifies the following updates:

  • What should happen when goods are faulty
  • Unfair terms in a contract
  • What happens when a business is acting in a way which isn’t competitive
  • Written notice for routine inspections to be given by public enforcers, such as Trading Standards
  • Greater flexibility for public enforcers to respond to breaches of consumer law, such as seeking redress for consumers who have suffered harm

The new Act also indicates these two additional changes:

  • What should happen when digital content (e.g.: online films, games, e-books) is faulty - the act now gives consumers a clear right to repair or replacement
  • How services should match up to what has been agreed, and what should happen when they do not or when they are not provided with reasonable care and skill (e.g.: giving some money back if it is not practical to bring the service into line with what was agreed)

The government aims to enforce this new Act on October 1, 2015.