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TFDA Releases Amended Testing Methods for Formaldehyde in Food

October 16, 2015

TAIWAN - The Taiwan Food and Drug Administration (TFDA) has released two testing methods announcement for formaldehyde in food.

“Testing method for Formaldehyde in Foods”

In consideration of the conflicts in the limits of quantification stipulated in the two concurrent testing methods for formaldehyde, TFDA has announced the annulment of this Method in order to lay down clear-cut specifications for the determination of formaldehyde in foods.

“Testing Method for Formaldehyde in Foods (2)”

Amendment to “Testing Method for Formaldehyde in Foods (2)” is effective beginning September 3, 2015.

  1. Name: Revised from “Method of Test for Formaldehyde in Foods (2)” to “Method of Test for Formaldehyde in Foods (2) (MOHWA0004.02)”
  2. “Testing methods” are added
  3. Volumetric flask and centrifuge tube are removed from “2.1 equipment.” “2.3 Vessel and material” is added.
  4. The requirement of “guarantee grade” is introduced for the application of several reagents in “2.2 Reagent.”
  5. In “2.4 Formulation of reagents,” standard formulations are newly specified, including iodine solution, potassium hydroxide solution, sulfuric acid solution, sodium thiosulfate standard solution, starch solution, hydrochloric acid solution and phosphoric acid solution; the formulation of potassium periodate is revised
  6. In “2.5 Formulation of standard solution,” the formulation of formaldehyde standard solution is amended. “2.6 Formulation of testing liquid” and “2.7 Determination of content” are amended as well.
  7. “2.7 making of standard curve” is deleted.


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