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TFDA Issues Public Notice for the Labeling of Infant and Follow-up Formula

January 21, 2015

The Taiwan Food and Drug Administration (TFDA) issued public notice that aims to inform consumers on the proposed labeling of infant and follow-up formula. Public Notice (Food No. 1031300231), issued by the Ministry of Health and Welfare, “Draft for” Infant and follow-up formula registered with and approved by the Department of Health shall have a recognized label directly printed onto the container for ease of identification.

The public notice specifies the requirements on how to label infant and follow-up formula to meet the provision of subparagraph 10, paragraph 1, Article 22 of the Act Governing Food Safety and Sanitation.

The allowed label includes the following specifications:

  • Printing of the words "Breastfed babies are the healthiest babies" and” Ministry of Health and Welfare cares for you" with a font size of at least 8
  • Inclusion of the image of breastfeeding using CMYK colors: green (Y100C60) and orange (Y100M60)
  • The size of the label shall be no smaller than 3 cm (H) × 3 cm (W)
  • The specified label shall be present with both image and text of breastfeeding promotion. The label can only be used by infant and follow-up formula registered with and approved by the central competent authority.

The proposed entry into force of this notice is on July 1, 2015.