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  • Feature Story

Taking Action to Save Our Planet

April 25, 2018

In addition to helping our customers around the world, UL remains committed to helping the planet. One way of accomplishing this goal is with UL’s Earth Action Days Campaign, which encourages our global team to take part at work, at home, and in the community.

This is our third year of this month-long initiative to promote environmental sustainability. Each week, our team is encouraged to focus on a different topic related to environmental sustainability:

  1. Week One: Energy Awareness and Efficiency
  2. Week Two: Food Waste
  3. Week Three: Circular Economy
  4. Week Four: Eco-Friendly Product Purchases

Did you know that the US produces nearly 133 billion pounds of food waste each year? Have you taken a minute to calculate your ecological footprint? Most changes only take a little bit of time but, if we all work together, big changes are possible. Thanks to our Earth Action Days Campaign, everyone at UL is empowered to make a difference, share their accomplishments, and feel good about changing the world.

Visit UL Environment to learn more about how UL can help you understand the value of your sustainability efforts.