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State of Oregon Governor Signs Chemical Regulation for Children’s Products

September 15, 2015

UNITED STATES  ̶  Governor Kate Brown has signed Senate Bill 478 B, or the Toxic-Free Kids Act to establish and maintain a list of chemicals of concern for children’s health that specifies the following:

  • Establishment of an Oregon list of “high priority chemicals of concern for children's health,” similar to Washington state's list of 66 Chemicals of High Concern to Children (CHCC)
  • Requirement for manufacturers of children's products to submit biennial reports to the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) or to the Interstate Chemicals Clearinghouse regarding the function and volume of listed chemicals present in each product sold into the state
  • Requirement for manufacturers to remove or replace any listed chemical on or before the third biennial reporting, in those products that are “mouthable,” applied to the skin, or manufactured for use by children under the age of threeEffective as of July 27, 2015, the bill applies to products made for, or marketed to, children under the age of 12, including:
    • Toys
    • Jewelry
    • Footwear
    • Apparel
    • Car seats
    • Cosmetics
    • Products that facilitate sucking, teething, sleep, relaxation, feeding or drinking

This law extends the reporting requirement to any component part of a product, including inaccessible component parts.