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Standards Corner - Lumen Insights Issue 1 2020


March 23, 2020

By Joe Musso, Standards Program Manager

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STP 153 – PORTABLE LUMINAIRES – Three new proposal topics were circulated for STP ballot Q4 2019 for the Standard for Direct Plug-In Nightlights, UL 1786. The proposals cover new requirements for portable battery-operated nightlights, clarification of test wall dimensions and the term, “glowing,” in the clauses covering the blanketing test. The proposals reached consensus, with several comments, which are being reviewed and considered by the technical harmonization committee (THC).

STP 924 – EMERGENCY LIGHTING AND POWER EQUIPMENT – A series of 23 proposal topics were circulated for ballot in January 2020. All 23 topics reached consensus, but with a significant number of comments that are under review by the proposal author. The next step will be recirculation of comment replies, with any changes to the proposals based on the technical comments received.

UL 1598 – LUMINAIRES (TRI-NATIONAL STANDARD) – The proposed new (5th) edition of UL 1598 was circulated for STP preliminary review in 2019. Comments have been reviewed by the THC, and the proposed new edition will be circulated for STP ballot during Q2 2020.

In addition, proposed new requirements covering low voltage track systems in the Standard for Track Lighting Systems, UL 1574, was circulated for ballot in January 2020. The proposal reached consensus but with comments under consideration.

UL 1993 – SELF-BALLASTED LAMPS AND LAMP ADAPTERS – A series of 18 proposals were circulated for STP ballot during Q4 2019. With the exception of three proposals, all have reached consensus and will move to the next steps in the process: comment resolution and recirculation as appropriate.



On Dec. 19, 2019, the first edition of the Design Guideline for Promoting Circadian Entrainment with Light for Day-Active People, DG 24480, was published. DG 24480 is intended to provide daytime levels of illumination in buildings that help people return to the more natural pattern of bright days and dim nights. Although the focus of the document is on daytime light exposures for people who are normally day-active and night-inactive, advice is also given to keep nighttime light levels low, including those from self-luminous displays.