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Savills and UL Announced a Strategic Cooperation Drawing a Blueprint for Healthy Building Development

The world's leading real estate service provider, Savills Davis, signed a strategic cooperation agreement with UL, the leading safety science organization, to jointly promote the health building certification system Fitwel in China.

UL - Savills - Fitwell Agreement

August 28, 2019

Beijing August 28, 2019 /PR Newswire / -- On August 27th, the world's leading real estate service provider, Savills Davis, signed a strategic cooperation agreement with UL, the leading safety science organization, to jointly promote the health building certification system Fitwel in China.

Fitwel is a global authoritative health building certification system jointly launched by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the US General Services Administration in 2017. Based on expert analysis reports of more than 5,000 academic research, it optimizes building and community design and operation through dynamic design to increase the health and well-being of owners and residents.  With its unique combination approach, tailored strategy and flexible application, Fitwel quickly gained the responsiveness and acceptance of numerous commercial office projects and residential buildings.  In June 2019, Fitwel successfully released its V2.1 version, leading the healthy building industry to a new journey.

As a 125-year-old global safety science leader UL has been invited by many world-renowned companies and institutions to develop nearly 1,800 safety, quality and sustainability standards.  UL is also responsible for the promotion and certification of the Fitwel Health Building System in China.

As the world's leading real estate service provider, Savills is committed to providing a customized one-stop solution for real estate owners and asset managers with the industry's leading team: from architectural design operations to retrofit and upgrade lifecycles Green and healthy building certification consulting services, including Fitwel, LEED, WELL, China Green Building Logo and Parksmart parking system certification services, and comprehensive asset management services.

This time, Savills has reached a strategic cooperation with UL. First Pacific Davis has established a special working group to conduct technical seminars and project research with UL to provide Fitwel one-stop certification services for construction projects.  At present, the first Pacific Davis has created a pioneer in the industry, and many professionals have won the Fitwel Ambassador certificate, becoming the first batch of certification consulting experts in the field of real estate consulting services in China.  In the future, Savills will participate in the work of the Fitwel Technical Committee, undertake the training of the Fitwel Ambassador certificate, and provide professional advice and market for the localization of the standard in China with the rich experience of green operation management and certification consulting in the industry.  At the same time, UL will also provide Savills with international standards of professional support and priority review services in the field of healthy building services.         
Fitwel pays attention to the inclusiveness and fairness of health -- not only luxury business buildings can participate, but also ordinary homes and communities can get certification opportunities.  At present, through the evaluation of the standard Fitwell health building certification standards and the previous property projects in Beijing with different formats, Savills believes that the standard applies to most mainstream property projects in the market, including commercial office buildings and high-end residential buildings.  , corporate headquarters office and research and development center.  Through certain upgrades, more than 75% of commercial asset projects can qualify for two-star or three-star certification, bringing greater business opportunities. 

Anthony McQuade, chairman of Savills North China, said: “Since the first Pacific Davis, we have always grasped the development trend of the industry and created social value while practicing social responsibility. The promotion of the Fitwel Health Certification System will help the Chinese real estate industry to create a safer, green and sustainable work and living environment. In the future, the two sides will carry out extensive and in-depth cooperation in the field of healthy construction, and work together for the transformation and upgrading of China's real estate industry and the health and well-being of the industry.  ”

Alberto Uggetti, vice president and general manager of UL's Environment and Sustainability Division, said: "To build a healthy living environment, we must be 'people-oriented' to help achieve the current people's longing for a better life. This sets higher architectural requirements for urban planning and real estate companies.  UL as the promoter of the healthy building standard, this time together with Savills Davis, adhering to the people-oriented principle, based on the scientific research results of healthy buildings, truly pay attention to the happiness of people's lives, and jointly promote the development of the city and real estate companies in the field of healthy building sector."

For more information on Fitwel, please contact Sam Wei.

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Fitwel was named to Fast Company's 2017 Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Social Good, and Fitwel is the premier global health building certification system that helps optimize buildings, design and operation.  Fitwel strives to achieve a healthier vision of the future through professional analysis from more than 5,000 academic research, and all buildings and communities will be improved to enhance the health and well-being of homeowners and residents.