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Reliable Solutions for Robotics Applications


April 18, 2018


The reliability of machines using robotic components has increasingly become a major concern due to the growing complexity of the motions used to complete production and warehousing tasks. However, evaluating the reliability of robotic cables has not followed suit. The cables are a vital part of any well-functioning robot but are an afterthought in most designs.

Amongst the technical issues experienced by end-product and cable manufacturers, brand owners, suppliers and end users, cable issues, particularly flexing performance of robotic cables, are ranked top for downtime and loss of productivity.

To benefit key stakeholders, UL introduced a comprehensive set of solutions to evaluate the testing and reliability of robotic cables. UL can use the customer’s specification and conformance criteria to evaluate the performance of the cable for flexing, bending, torsion, chain track (c-track) and other modes of movement to meet the specific needs of products or applications.

Please click here to learn what UL can do to help improve the reliability of robotics cables.