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Recent Developments in Textile Seam Testing

May 21, 2013

Task groups at the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), and working groups at British Standards Institution (BSI), European Committee for Standardization (CEN), and the International Standards Organization (ISO) meetings have amended and developed standards for seaming properties and tensile strength, key aspects to be measured in order to assess the fitness and longevity of the final garments.

The following are the key standards for the European market:

  • EN ISO 13934-1:1999 Ravel strip strength
  • EN ISO 13934-2:1999 Grab method for tensile strength
  • EN ISO 13935-1:1999 Method for seam strength strip
  • EN ISO 13935-2:1999 Method for seam strength grab method

The above four EN ISO are currently going through an amendment process to accommodate the vast range of fabrics with built-in stretch characteristics now being sold in the market place.

ISO have already revised EN ISO 13936 series of methods to take into account stretch fabrics.

The following are the standards for seam testing:

EN ISO 13936-1:2004 Slippage resistance - Fixed opening method for standard fabrics
EN ISO 13934-1:1999 + 13935-2:1999 + 13936-1:2004 for seam properties
EN ISO 13936-2:2004 Slippage resistance - Fixed load method for stretch fabrics