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Qatar Sets Stricter Jewelry Labeling Rules

July 19, 2016

Qatar’s Ministry of Economy and Commerce (MEC) has issued a circular regarding the labeling of gold, silver, diamonds, precious stones, pearls, watches and antiques sold in the country.

The decision has been part of the government’s initiative to enforce the Consumer Protection Law (No. 8 of 2008) which stipulates the following:

  • Labeling requirements stating the following details of gold jewelries and precious stones:
    •  Carat of the gold
    • Clarity and purity of each gem for sale
    • Cost of the workmanship
  • Presence of an electronic board displaying the daily price of gold
  • Detailed receipt for all purchased goods, stating:
    • date of purchase
    • receipt number
    • name of the shop
    • description of the goods
    • number of goods purchased
    • labor costs
    • total price
    • signature of the assistant selling the items
  • Presence of a written guarantee, containing full details of the purchased items and the terms of the warranty
  • Requirement for customers to be told of exchange and refund policies

Effective beginning June 18, 2016, shops have until September 19, 2016 to comply with the new labeling requirements.

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