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NY Senate Introduces Bill Relating to Jewelry Containing Lead

February 18, 2015

New York State Bill 1236 amends the environmental conservation law and the general business law, in relation to jewelry containing lead.

This bill would prohibit the distribution and sale of jewelry containing lead, to reduce the hazards of exposure to lead, would define testing methods for jewelry to determine compliance, would impose penalties for violating the law and would institute a new labeling requirement for lead containing jewelry.

Section 5 of the Bill amends the general business law to create a new section 399-ggg that requires all jewelry sold contain a conspicuous notice stating the percentage of lead in the jewelry. Also, any jewelry sold containing more than .02 percent (200 parts per million) lead by weight shall contain a warning label, stating, "Contains lead which may be harmful to your health. Not be used by children under the age of six."

If passed, the Bill would be effective immediately with the exception of section 5 which would take effect March 1, 2019.