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Northern Ireland Amends Food Hygiene Regulations

January 21, 2015

The government of Northern Ireland has released the amendment copy of the regulation concerning food hygiene. The release of The Food Hygiene (Amendment) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2014 aims the following:

  • Implement Commission Regulation (EU) No. 216/2014 amending Regulation (EC) No. 2075/2005 laying down specific rules on Trichinella in meat (regulation 2(3))
  • Amend the Food Hygiene Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2006 to indicate continuing provision for the labelling of raw milk intended for direct human consumption with prescribed information relating to the absence of heat treatment (regulation 2(2) and (4))

The amendments are specified with the following sections:

  • Regulation 17 (Offences and Penalties)
  • Schedule 1 (Definitions of EU legislation) for the definition of Regulation 2075/2005
  • Schedule 6 (Restrictions on the sale of raw milk intended for direct human consumption)

The amendments also include new definitions of the following terms:

  • Catering Establishment: means a restaurant, canteen, club, public house, school, hospital or similar establishment (including a vehicle or a fixed or mobile stall) where, in the course of a business, food is prepared for delivery to the final consumer and is ready for consumption without further preparation
  • Labeling: in relation to a food, includes any words, particulars, trade mark, brand name, pictorial matter or symbol relating to the food and appearing on the packaging of the food or on any document, notice, label, ring or collar accompanying the food
  • Pre-packed: in relation to a food, means put into packaging before being offered for sale in such a way that the food, whether wholly or only partly enclosed, cannot be altered without opening or changing the packaging and is ready for sale to the final consumer or to a catering establishment, and includes a food which is wholly enclosed in packaging before being offered for sale and which is intended to be cooked without opening the packaging and which is ready for sale to the final consumer or to a catering establishment