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Nordic Council Publishes Guidance on Limits for Metals and Alloys Used in Food Contact Materials

July 27, 2015

Nordic Council of Ministers (NORDEN) has released a guidance document for metals and alloys used in food contact materials to assist food industry and inspection authorities. It has recommended specific release limits (SRL) for the following metals:

Metal Requirement (Release, mg/kg)
Aluminium 5
Antimony 0.04
Arsenic 0.002
Barium 1.2
Beryllium 0.01
Cadmium 0.005
Chromium 0.23
Cobalt 0.02
Copper 4
Iron 40
Lead 0.01
Lithium 0.048
Magnesium -*
Manganese 1.8
Mercury 0.003
Molybdenum 0.12
Nickel 0.14
Silver 0.08
Thallium 0.0001
Tin 100
Titanium -*
Vanadium 0.01
Zinc 5


* Deriving an SRL was found unnecessary.

NORDEN hopes the document will create a “call for uniform guidance” across Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. The guidance has been in accordance with relevant legislation and risk assessment principles.



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