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NJ Aims to Ban Supplemental Mattresses

December 13, 2016

The New Jersey Assembly has introduced a bill that aims to ban supplemental mattresses. The bill is tagged as Assembly Bill 1139 and prohibits the sale of unsafe supplemental mattresses designed for children's products.

The bill aims to add supplemental mattresses to the list of children’s products deemed to be unsafe. When the bill becomes a law, supplemental mattresses will be unlawful to knowingly remanufacture, retrofit, sell, contract to sell or resell, lease, sublet, or otherwise place in the stream of commerce.

The bill states “Supplemental mattresses marketed for and intended to be used with cribs, play pens, and play yards with non-rigid sides shall be deemed to be unsafe for the purposes of this section unless the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission determines them to be safe for the care of, or use by, a child.”

The bill was introduced in the Assembly on October 27, 2016.

Source URL: Assembly Bill 1139