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News Brief: UL Launches Upgraded Suite of Services for Firestopping

Confirm code compliance with a suite of fire barrier management services dedicated to building fire compartmentation requirements.

May 19, 2020

UL, a leading global safety science company, recently announced the launch of our UL Fire Barrier Management Program. This program represents a collective suite of services targeted to building fire containment. As leading experts in the field, we have this program with a distinct focus on confirming code compliance of building fire compartmentation requirements. This program also offers additional training and educational opportunities for system installers.

As a part of this new program for ensuring code compliant systems are correctly specified and installed, UL will continue to provide inspections of firestopping systems, fire doors and fire dampers. Additionally, the UL Qualified Firestop Contractor Program (QFCP) and the UL Master Audit Certificate of Compliance (MACC) will be rolled into the new suite of services as new tools for contractors to demonstrate their competency and installation compliance to code authorities.

Additionally UL will now be providing a new firestop special inspection label for application at the physical point of inspection. Our first-of-its-kind label will be applied to all firestop systems after they have passed inspection. This label provides evidence to code authorities that UL Certified systems have been properly installed to maintain the required integrity of fire-resistance-rated assemblies. This labeling program makes it easier to identify noncompliant installations and call for an corrective action and reinspection.

The UL special inspection label provides visual indication of compliance to code authorities, architects, building owners and contractors who place their trust our global brand. In 2020, UL’s field engineers will begin applying the new label on all firestop inspections covered by the MACC program.

Lastly, UL is excited to announce the launch of the new Spray-Applied Fire Resistant Material (SFRM) Contractor Program. This is a voluntary program that allows contractors to proactively demonstrate their commitment to the proper installation of fireproofing materials to both designers and code authorities. Upon successful completion, the SFRM contractor will have essential knowledge about key aspects of the program covering project design, installation, worker training, application, documentation and record-keeping as a demonstration of technical competency and code compliance.

For more information on UL’s fire barrier management suite of services, visit or contact [email protected].

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We are leading experts in the barrier management field. Our Fire Barrier Management services represent a collective suite of offerings targeted to building fire compartmentation with additional training and educational opportunities for system installers.

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