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New Technology Forum: Innovating Within a Global Compliance Environment

October 10, 2018

Innovation and the Role of Standard Development Organizations (SDO’s)

Presented by Scott MacLeod, UL LLC

Monday, March 23 – Orlando, FL

SDO’s play an important role in helping industry with safety science solutions that facilitate globaltrade.  The increasing pace of today’s product innovation and new global sustainability concerns has challenged the status quo of standards development and safety requirements.  As an SDO leader for plastics, Underwriters Laboratories understands these challenges and regularly collaborates with the plastics industry to develop solutions.

For example, it’s no secret that global “Greening” has come to the plastics industry.  Unlike environmental concerns of the past which focused on the polluting byproducts of manufacturing, today’s concerns include a focus on the composition of the plastic compound itself.  This trend is evidenced by the multitude of substance restrictions being implemented byregional, national, and local governments as well as industry itself.  Similarly, the emergence of independent green mark programs are a testament of this trend.  One such trend gathering momentum in the marketplace is the proliferation of ”non-halogenated” plastic compliance via self-declaration or third party certification/verification.

Using the “non-halogenated” trend as an example, this discussion will include standard development strategies (e.g. understanding demand drivers and safety impact, survey of existing / related requirements and testing) to address industry innovation and trends.

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