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New EU Draft Regulations to Tighten Up Product Safety and Market Surveillance

December 18, 2013

A new draft regulation that will tighten up product safety and market surveillance in the European Union (EU) has been released with the endorsement of Internal Market Committee.

According to the committee, the new regulations will replace the current EU Product Safety Directive and will give more information about the products that consumers are using, including details on where the product was produced.

The drafts are laws that will tackle the stepping up of product safety and market surveillance rules. The regulations' main objective is to make product safety rules easier to comply with the EU especially that there are growing ranges of imported products circulating in the EU market.

Some of the major points of the regulations are:

  • "Made in" labeling to enhance product traceability
  • New safety label
  • Children should be better protected
  • Getting potentially dangerous products off the market
  • Penalties for companies selling non-compliant products
  • EU-wide blacklist of "unsafe" companies