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National Technical Approvals Soon Required For Wall Coverings in Germany

October 23, 2012

Berlin/Cologne, Germany, Oct. 23, 2012 – Beginning January 1, 2014, national technical approvals will be required for decorative wall coverings designed for indoor use in Germany. This regulation will apply to panelling of cylindrical and plate-type shapes (according to standard EN 15102) made from synthetic and cork materials as well as glass fibre and photo wallpaper.

“Test data from the AgBB schema may be leveraged to show acceptance or compliance with multiple program requirements. This means that manufacturers can use these results to pursue marks of conformity such as the French A+ VOC regulation, and the Finnish M1 or the eco-INSTITUT label,” explains Daniel Tigges, marketing manager of UL ECO-INSTITUT in Cologne. “Also, it is possible to extend these tests to U.S. standards such as the LEED Building Certification System.”

Specifications from the German Institute for Structural Engineering (DIBt) require emission tests for volatile organic compounds (VOCs) to be performed on the products in test chambers according to the ISO 16000 standard. The basis of this emission testing comes from the Committee for Health-related evaluation of Building Products (AgBB) scheme.

At present, manufacturers need national technical approval of emission testing for resilient, textile and laminate floor coverings; wooden and parquet flooring; and parquet adhesives and coatings. Floor covering adhesives and parquet and laminate flooring underlay must also meet this requirement as of January 1, 2012. After January 2014, only approved wall coverings can be sold for indoor use in Germany, as specified in the Building Rule List B Part 1 2012/1 in attachment 1/9.3. Wallpaper made of paper is grandfathered into this regulation. UL ECO-INSTITUT is a DIBt-approved testing, inspection, and certification body for these products.


UL ECO-INSTITUT joined the UL Global Network as part of UL Environment in May 2012. It ranks among the leading providers for emission and pollutant testing of construction and furnishing products. The independent and accredited testing laboratory, located in Cologne, Germany, operates roughly 85 emission test chambers and evaluates products according to national and international requirements and criteria. Additional information about UL ECO-INSTITUT may be found at

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