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MoT Issues Draft Order for Food Contact Materials with Certain Chemicals

June 16, 2015

The Tunisia Ministry of Trade (MoT) has issued draft copy to the Order of the Ministers of Trade; Health; Industry, Energy and Mining; and Agriculture, Water Resources and Fisheries establishing the maximum migration limits for lead and cadmium found in ceramic materials and articles that come into contact with foodstuffs (Arrêté des Ministres du Commerce; de la Santé; de l'Industrie de l'Energie et des Mines; de l'Agricuture, des Ressources en Eau et de la Pêche Portant Fixation des Spécifications des Matériaux et Objets en Céramique Destinés à Entrer en Contact avec des Denrées Alimentaires).

The draft order is in accordance with ISO standards and is open for public consultation until June 28, 2015. The proposed date of adoption is December 2015.