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More Options for Luminaires with User Replaceable Linear LED Lamps

New revisions to the C81 series of ANSI standards


August 12, 2019

On July 1, 2019, NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) published revisions to the C81 series of ANSI standards for electric lamp bases and lampholders. As part of these revisions, the G6.6 Snap-Fit system for LED tubular lamps, originally announced by UL on February 13, 2017, has been renamed “GJ6.6t” and now includes two additional fit variations as shown below:

  • GJ6.6t Two-pin with an additional ground pin T-LED Snap-Fit design
  • GJ6.6d-1 Two-pin for T-LED Snap-Fit design (New)
  • GJ6.6d-2 Two-pin for T-LED Snap-Fit design – Low Voltage (New)

Also as part of this latest publication, ANSI adopted the IEC GR6d fit system for double-capped flat LED linear lamps and modules. This fit system can accommodate up to 15 key designations for various applications and electrical specifications.

  • GR6d fit system for double capped linear LED lamps (New)

One key benefit of these new ANSI standardized fit systems designated for LED technology is that they can mechanically reject legacy non-LED lamps (e.g., fluorescent) without the need to rely on markings. Together, these new fit systems will accommodate several new options for linear LED luminaires that afford lamp replacement flexibility analogous to traditional technologies.

For information on certification options for products implementing these new ANSI LED fit systems, please refer to our article published on February 13, 2017, or contact us at [email protected] or 1-888-ULHELPS (1-888-854-3577).


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