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Middle East, Saudi Arabia – SASO CoPC Initial Scope Confirmed

April 2, 2018

By: Gabriella Mazzola / UL Global Market Access Engineering Leader, Convenor of Working Group 3 of GSO Notified Bodies Cooperation Group for Low Voltage Regulation

The new SASO IECEE CB Recognition Program, also known as SASO Certificate of Product Conformity (SASO CoPC), which was announced to become mandatory starting February 15, 2018, has been postponed for lighting products for a period of three to six months. The final implementation date has not yet been determined by SASO.

SASO must also define the details of the lighting products in scope, applicable standards and HS commodity codes for customs surveillance.

SASO CoPC will replace the current SASO CoC program and will be based upon mandatory submission of a valid CB Test Certificate and CB Test Report covering Saudi national differences, as applicable. The CoPC will be valid for one year and will need annual renewal.

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