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Mexico – New Standards for Lighting Products

April 2, 2018

By: Aurora Paguia / UL LATAM Regulatory Program Expert

The following standards were published in the DOF (Federal Official Diary) and will replace current versions of the Mexican standard on the effective dates noted below:

NMX-J-307-ANCE-2017 “General use indoor and outdoor use Luminaires” – Effective on October 04, 2017 

NMX-J-588-ANCE-2017 “Seasonal and Holiday Decorative Products” – Effective on November 07, 2017

NOM-058-SCFI-2017 “Controllers for artificial light sources, for lighting purposes in general” – Effective on February 11, 2018* 

* Note –The scope of NOM-058-SCFI-2017 now includes LED controllers.

Products submitted for certification on or after the specified effective date must be evaluated to the new standard.

The following standard was published in the DOF (Federal Official Diary). This is a new requirement to become effective as noted below:

NOM-029-ENER-2017 “Energy efficiency of external power supplies. Limits, test methods, marking and ” – Effective on April 25, 2018

How UL can help

UL can provide all services needed to certify your luminaire products for sale in Mexico. UL can conduct testing at our approved labs outside of Mexico, or we can facilitate testing at our accredited UL Mexico lab.

Our Global Market Access team is prepared to help you achieve compliance with new requirements around the world. For more information or to contact our experts, visit our Global Market Access site at

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