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Managing Safety in Additive Manufacturing Facilities

UL’s Balakrishnan V Nair discusses key safety issues in metal additive manufacturing.

AM Safety

August 15, 2019

The introduction of additive manufacturing (AM) into mainstream manufacturing brings with it new safety issues concerning workplace safety, health and the environment. In general, these safety concerns in metal AM facilities can be attributed to a range of sources from materials to equipment to the overall operation of the facility.

In the Spring Issue of Metal Additive Manufacturing, UL’s Lead AM Development Engineer, Balakrishnan V Nair, identifies some of the principal sources of risk associated with production operations and shares safety concerns as encountered in UL’s work with metal AM clients globally. In addition, Nair highlights some of the benefits that many AM facilities have enjoyed as a result of the successful implementation of sound safety practices.

Learn more about managing safety in additive manufacturing by reading Nair’s full article.