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Lighting for Tomorrow 2016 Awards Announced

November 14, 2016

Boston, MA — Sponsored by the American Lighting Association (ALA), the Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE) and UL, Lighting for Tomorrow is a competition that challenges manufacturers to develop residential lighting products that successfully incorporate advances in both design and energy efficiency. By recognizing exceptional new products, Lighting for Tomorrow seeks to meet consumer expectations and leap over market barriers that inhibit the adoption and use of energy efficient residential lighting products. The 2016 Lighting for Tomorrow competition reflected several key technology developments and market trends:

  • The movement towards connected lighting has continued and there are now a significant number of manufacturers offering products with a variety of different connected features.
  • A new trend seen this year was the expansion of lighting customization by using interchangeable parts or lighting kits so that fixtures can be easily and quickly tailored to the intended applications.
  • The judges noticed a marked improvement in the quality of dimming, as well as a reduction in the flicker exhibited by dimmable products.
  • This year more LFT entries took advantage of the color tuning ability of LED lamps and fixtures to enhance areas of the home by adjusting the color appearance of the lighting.
  • In the past, many LED dim-to-warm products have turned too amber, but the improved color shift of these entries was a noticeable development this year.


The 2016 judging panel met in June at the UL University facility in North Carolina and reviewed over 90 products including 72 LED indoor fixtures, 8 LED outdoor fixtures, 1 LED retrofit kit, 14 LED replacement lamps and 5 lighting control devices. The judges were very pleased to see truly outstanding products demonstrating developments in form factor and construction while taking advantage of solid state lighting technology.

Two grand prize winners are being lauded as the overall top products in terms of innovation, design and engineering, and light quality: the American Lighting, Inc. Trulux system and the Blackjack Lighting Seraph Chandelier. These products demonstrate admirable attention to detail and the consumer experience while also achieving energy efficiency.

From among the decorative fixture submissions, the judges selected two honorable mentions. These products are the Hinkley Lighting Hadley 3308CM ceiling mount fixture and the LBL Lighting Torque 27 pendant.

The functional lighting category resulted in five winners and two honorable mention distinctions. The winners are the Acuity Brands Lighting Super LED Garage Light, the AFX, Inc. Slate Pro Edge, the Ambiance Lighting Systems Lucarne LED Niche Light, Juno Lighting Group (an Acuity Brands Company) 4" Sloped Ceiling LED Downlights, and the WAC Lighting Landscape Accent Light. The EcoSense TROV LED Linear Platform and the AFX, Inc. Carlisle fixture are receiving honorable mentions, with the Carlisle also earning distinction as the best product in the Contractor Lighting category.

The judges selected two categories of Special Recognition this year: "Products Filling a Market Need" and "Value Products." The products awarded the designation of Filling a Market Need are examples of products that are newly available using LED technology or representing product types in which the quality of LED performance has increased noticeably. The four product awards for filling a market need are the Globe Electric Company 73191 B-type LED Vintage Bulb, the MaxLite LED Warm-on-Dim BR30 Lamp, the WAC Lighting Landscape In-ground Light, and the WAC Lighting AETHER Shallow 3.5" Recessed Downlight. The products that are awarded the Value designation are examples of high quality lighting at a price point similar to incumbent, less efficient technology. Four products are given recognition in the value category: the Acuity Brands Lighting LED Contemporary Vanity/Sconce, the AFX, Inc. Sloane, the Globe Electric Company 62591 fixture and LED filament bulb, and the MaxLite 3-Way Omnidirectional A-Lamp.

The 2016 awards were announced through a webinar hosted by the American Lighting Association on September 12. The award-winning products are showcased in a brochure that highlights the 2016 award recipients. Additional 2016 awards presentations were held at the CEE Industry Partners Meeting on September 15, and an additional presentation will occur at the ENERGY STAR® Partner Meeting on October 27.

Finally, the awarded products and companies will be featured in videos, lighting publications, and trade show exhibits throughout the coming year. To download the brochure, to find information about where to purchase these products, or for complete details on the competition, please visit the website at


Lighting for Tomorrow, launched in 2002, is sponsored by the American Lighting Association (ALA), the Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE) and UL. Over a dozen energy efficiency organizations across the US and Canada participated in supporting the 2016 competition as co-sponsors.