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Leading the Pack

November 26, 2018

UL’s inaugural magazine takes a closer look at lithium-ion batteries and their future.

Lithium-ion batteries continue to enter daily life in everything from phones to vehicles. With this increased use comes an increased need for safety and a better understanding of the battery technology itself. The inaugural issue of On the Mark magazine aims to address both of those needs.

As Keith Williams, Chief Executive Officer of UL, states in the magazine’s introduction, the On the Mark magazine is “a publication created to explore the intersection of safety, science and technology.” The first issue explores lithium-ion batteries with all three focuses in mind by looking inside everyday devices, exploring the process of extracting lithium, offering an inside look at one of UL’s testing laboratories, and more. Whether you’re new to the battery-technology market or a veteran of the space, this first issue of On the Mark has something to offer, providing UL’s insights and in-depth knowledge.

Read the Lithium-Ion Battery Issue today.