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Korean MFDS Proposes Amendments on the Enforcement Rule and Decree for Cosmetics

May 19, 2015

The Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS) is proposing several amendments specific to the enforcement rule and decree for the Cosmetic Act.

Proposed Amendments to the "Enforcement Decree of the Cosmetic Act"

  • Establishment of the detailed matters regarding official announcements of violations, as delegated by the Cosmetic Act
  • Provision to transfer the administrative authority regarding voluntary withdrawal and public announcement on withdrawal information to the commissioner of the Regional Food and Drug AdministrationProposed Amendments to the "Enforcement Rule of the Cosmetic Act"
  • Establishment of the standard specific for the recovery of hazardous cosmetics, related withdrawal & disposal procedures, and procedures for relevant public announcements


  • Additional directions involving the use of spray-type sun-screens for enhanced safety (Caution statements: When using on the face, do not spray directly, but rather take some on your hand and apply it to the face)
  • Additional inscription to the registered site's address on the packaging
  • Additional inscription of the address of the representative location that carries out return/exchange duties


These proposed amendments are open for public consultation until June 26, 2015.